The Creation Of MDBlog

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created by pur on 0000/00/00 - last changed on 2022/08/21

The Idea

I wanted to have a lightweight blog system which is based on markdown.



I started writing HTML code and noticed how cumbersome it was. At work I use a lot of markdown language and remembered that I once saw a video about a markdown blog. So I duckduckwent "markdown server" or what ever - I can't remember and found two potential repositories: this github repo and this github repo. Unfortunately, I didn't get neither running so I got my own running. At first it was just a quick fix, but now MDPHP is growing more and more usable.

If you ever look for another markdown solution for your website, I advise you to search for "php markdown" (parsedown looks pretty neat).

How To Use It

git clone /var/www/html/blog 
cd /var/www/html/blog 
vim res/config.php
./res/ My First Post#follow directions

All you will have to do is change into the newly created directory and Now you can happily edit the file.

heading with link can be created by using

## heading {#link}


Test Area

indented code test

test pic

| this | is | a | | --- | --- | --- | | test | table | yes |