Custom Keyboard Layout MacOS

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approximate reading time: 1 minutes
created by pur on 2022/05/24 - last changed on 2022/06/15

I wanted to write some text in Akan, but macOS doesn't provide any keyboard layouts with ɔ or ɛ. So I had to create a custom layout. Unfortunately the Akan MacOS X Keyboard from didn't work. So I had to create one my self. Here are the steps with macOS 12.3 and Ukelele 3.5.5:

  1. Install Ukelele
  2. Open Ukelele
  3. Change to Input Source you want to base your new keyboard layout on.
  4. Close Empty Keyboard Window
  5. File > New From Current Input Source
  6. Right mouse click > Open Keyboard Layout (alternatively just double click)
  7. Edit accordingly
  8. File > Save...
  9. Find your file in Finder and double click.
  10. System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources > add your language