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created by pur on 2022/05/25 - last changed on 2022/05/25

"This year’s theme, focused on the importance of addressing malnutrition and food insecurity" - H.E. Mr. Abdulla Shahid
"wide range of events, including family fun days, fashion shows, art exhibitions, movie nights, drumming workshops, street parades, music recitals and food markets." in Ireland since 2019
"Yes, the continent has its fair share of problems, I’m not denying that, but I also feel that it is imperative that we celebrate the gains made, because it’s the gains that are going to propel us even further as a global player in every sector."

"The theme of the Africa day celebration for 2022 is Nutrition, and the aim of AU is to strengthen the Agro-Food Systems, Health and Social Protection Systems to Accelerate Human, Social, and Economic Capital Development on the African Continent."

Mayotte and Réunion are still french colonies.

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